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Design Selected for 'Cute As A…' Event

February 24, 2009 · 0 comments

Cute as a... Entry 2009

Cute as a... Entry 2009

As a class assignment, we recently had to submit a design to a contest being held at the Confederation Centre of Arts. Along with 49 other designers’ buttons, my design (entitled ‘Headache’) was selected to be printed onto a button and traded at the event on Friday.

I also receive 5 copies of my button, and it is displayed at the Confed Centre here in PEI for a limited time. Although I’m sure there weren’t thousands of entries (actually I’m positive- it says so on the site), it’s still pretty neat. Plus the event is mandatory for our IMM class- meaning I get to save the admission costs to get in. Score.

Check out the design on the right. Check out all the Confederation Centre of Arts events and send in your button design next year!

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