Thesis Customization

Category Posts Slider Box for Thesis 2.0

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Thesis 2.0 dropped this week and (like everyone else) I’ve been messing around with and getting used to the new engine and options. I am quite impressed with the new system and, knowing the Thesis user-base,  I think it’s only a matter of time before some neat stuff starts showing up. With all that being said, […]

Add the Masonry Effect to Thesis Teasers

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The Masonry effect has become popular among different web sites to achieve a unique layout. Using the jQuery Masonry code, I’ll show you how to get this effect with Thesis teasers. What is jQuery Masonry? Taken straight from the site: Masonry is a layout plugin for jQuery. Think of it as the flip side of CSS floats. Whereas […]

Events Calendar Pro for Thesis

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Throughout my time with WordPress, I have not found a good calendar/events plugin, but Events Calendar Pro (available here) changes that. It’s been the only solution I’ve found that covered everything you’d expect in a full calendar and events list. In the plugin creator’s own words: The Events Calendar Premium plugin for WordPress enables you to […]

Enable WordPress 3.0 Features for the Thesis Theme

If you haven’t heard, Wordpress 3.0 dropped the other day with a bunch of new features. Although there’s no news on a Thesis update, Thesis 1.7 seems to work fine with WordPress 3.0 but unfortunately doesn’t cash in on any of the new features. I’ve decided to tackle a few of those features to make them available right […]

Change Your Thesis Site to a Fluid Layout

Thesis comes packed with plenty of configuration options, but I’m going to show you how to create a fluid layout for your site by only editing custom.css. Not sure what a fluid layout even is? Basically it’s just means the site width is determined by the size of the users browser window. If you resize, […]

Thesis Starter PSD and Custom Files

I’m still kicking it in the Thesis world. For those of you who still don’t know what Thesis is, check it out here. Anyways, as I’m sure most of you do know, Thesis is a leading WordPress framework that provides SEO, stability, and plenty of ways to customize your site. The customization scene has been […]

Add Built-in Widgets to Thesis / WordPress Theme

Almost anything that can be done with a normal theme can, in almost the same way, be done with Thesis. The main custom functions file (custom_functions.php) is just an extension of Functions.php, the main function file for WordPress themes. So is it possible to add built in widgets with a Thesis skin or customization? Of […]

Remove all borders in Thesis 1.5

Re-working the Thesis framework to your own liking? Well, if your doing a huge overhaul, you might want to get rid of the separator lines the default styling has included. This includes the sidebar lines, the teaser box lines, the comment lines.etc. To get rid of these lines, while editing the css (you should be […]

New look via Thesis

Yep, I’m using Thesis. For the last couple of weeks I have been working with the latest Thesis framework (and WordPress of course) to create a variety of different Thesis “skins.” These skins will be released completely free sometime next month. The skin I currently have enabled is one of the simpler, toned down skins […]